How do we prepare for life on a hot planet?

There has always been a sense of unreality about our climate change predicament, especially through the long years of denial, disputation and delay. More recently, Australia seems to have jumped from the delusions of denial to faith in increasingly implausible”solutions”, bypassing sober assessment of the seriousness of the reality we confront. It should be obvious […]

‘Neo-nature’ and the new world of the Anthropocene

Do you, like me, hesitate when you refer to floods or bushfires as natural disasters? When Earth’s atmosphere is warmer and moister because of human-induced climate change, all weather events have a human fingerprint. The now well-developed field of ‘attribution studies’ calculates the increased likelihood and severity of extreme weather events as a result of […]

It’s just not cricket: rich kids win at the expense of everyone else

The opening on Friday of Radford College’s multi-million dollar cricket facility—described as ‘better than Lords’—draws attention to the fundamental unfairness of our education system. Elite private schools are engaged in a kind of arms race to build the most lavish facilities for their already privileged pupils, which not only highlights the growing gap with public […]

Australia will not come close to net zero by 2050 under Coalition’s nuclear plan

George Wilkenfeld and Clive Hamilton The Coalition has announced that it plans to commission seven nuclear power stations by 2050. It has said it would abandon the government’s 2030 target of reducing the nation’s emissions by 43 per cent (compared with 2005 levels). It has also restated its commitment to the ‘net zero by 2050’ objective declaring […]

Magic thinking vs the hard truth of climate change

Clive Hamilton and George Wilkenfeld Can Australia become a renewable energy superpower and help the world limit global warming? Across Australia, citizens rightly anxious about the changing climate are cautiously optimistic; after all, the alternative is grim. The federal government is building an economic strategy for the nation’s future around the idea, with Treasurer Jim […]