Understanding China’s Threat to Australia’s National Security

We are only now becoming aware that Beijing’s interference in our political system goes well beyond the activities of wealthy, Party-linked donors. In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party, through its global United Front network, has been actively encouraging trusted members of Chinese communities in countries like Australia to become directly involved in running for […]

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Keating: Intelligence chiefs are “nutters”, clean them out

Published in The Daily Telegraph, May 7 2018 When U.S. intelligence chiefs presented Donald Trump with information that made him uncomfortable, he flew into a rage, accusing them of leaking “fake news” and acting like “Nazi Germany”. Now Paul Keating has done the same. Australia’s intelligence chiefs are “nutters”, he said on Sunday. They’ve “gone […]

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Sharp Power – Autocratic nations threatening democratic nations like Australia in the 21st century

With a Labor government likely within a few months, Gareth Evans’ references to “the rise of anti-Chinese sentiment” and “hyper-anxiety” about “Chinese influence” becomes more worrying because if his view influences senior Labor ministers then it would be a godsend for the CCP.
Lecture to Ascot Vale ALP

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Tech stand-off may trigger digital divide

Published in the Australian, 17 December 2018 The stage is being set for the emergence of two rival technological empires, China’s and America’s, each aimed at supremacy over the other, with the world as the prize. Clive Hamilton says Australia will have to choose. The arrest in Canada of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou could be […]

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