We’ve come a long way on gender diversity but what about class?

In 2021, the coach of the Perth-based West Coast Eagles Australian rules football team said recruits who attended public schools and came from single-parent families are too costly to manage off-field and the club might be better off concentrating on private school boys from stable families. His comments came a year after a Western Australian parliamentary inquiry found elite […]

How privileged school students avoided the Covid-19 lockdown

Clive Hamilton & Myra Hamilton In the game of privilege, we are all complicit. And if we are to write about privilege, we should declare our own. We have had many advantages in life. We are both white, well-educated and well-paid, and we hail from culturally, although not materially, rich families. One of us is […]

Blaming Baby Boomers for your money woes is unfair, lazy and wrong

Clive Hamilton & Myra Hamilton [Published in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, 27 November 2023] Judging by the relentless tide of baby boomer bashing, it’s become a crime to be born in the 15 years after World War Two. On Saturday, the lead story in the Herald berated boomers for ‘hanging on to […]

Wake up, lefties, and reject wokeness

Clive Hamilton It’s time the left pushed back against woke. Afraid of being branded a racist, misogynist or transphobe, the left has been browbeaten into silence by woke activists, even though the left enabled the modern movements for black rights, gay rights and feminism. Left politics are about capitalism’s structural inequalities – corporate power, state […]

Open source research is fine. Just don’t do it for foreign spies

Clive Hamilton The worlds of research and foreign intrigue collided recently in the case of Alexander Csergo, a business consultant arrested in April under Australia’s foreign interference laws. According to the police, Csergo was recruited by two Chinese intelligence agents to write reports about Australia’s defence, economic and national security arrangements. Publicity around Csergo’s arrest […]

Are we in a Cold War with China?

Clive Hamilton It is remarkable how entrenched Cold War thinking is, even among those, like the editorial board of the New York Times, who warn against ‘glib invocations of the Cold War’ in United States policy towards China. Like a number of others pushing back against bi-partisan efforts to limit China’s rise to strategic dominance, […]

Plucky country: world now sees Australia in a new light

Clive Hamilton When speaking with analysts and journalists in Europe, I’m surprised to find that Australia is no longer seen as a bit player in the Indo-Pacific region but as a substantial power. They speak of the high regard in Europe for our resolve and express a degree of confidence in our role and abilities […]

Clive Hamilton on life as a provocateur

Podcast interview with Phillip Adams on ABC ‘Late Night Live’, 29 September 2022 Professor Clive Hamilton has spent his life as a cage-rattler, speaking uncomfortable truths that have challenged us to review the way we think about the big issues.

We boomers need to remember our victories

Podcast interview with Angela Catterns & Ian Rogerson, 25 July 2022 Clive Hamilton is one of Australia’s most well-known public intellectuals. He’s a Professor of Public Ethics and is the founder of the Australia Institute. A provocateur since youth he plans to continue challenging baseless assumptions, even when he’s no longer paid to. While he […]

What would it take for antivaxxers and climate science deniers to ‘wake up’?

Published by The Guardian, 13 September 2021 Facts are puny against the carapace of denial when people’s sense of self is at stake. However, in the case of Covid deniers, imminent death seems to do the trick In 1927, an article in the venerable medical journal the Lancet commented on the opposition to smallpox vaccination […]