Clive Hamilton on life as a provocateur

Podcast interview with Phillip Adams on ABC ‘Late Night Live’, 29 September 2022 Professor Clive Hamilton has spent his life as a cage-rattler, speaking uncomfortable truths that have challenged us to review the way we think about the big issues.

We boomers need to remember our victories

Podcast interview with Angela Catterns & Ian Rogerson, 25 July 2022 Clive Hamilton is one of Australia’s most well-known public intellectuals. He’s a Professor of Public Ethics and is the founder of the Australia Institute. A provocateur since youth he plans to continue challenging baseless assumptions, even when he’s no longer paid to. While he […]

Clive Hamilton and Richard McGregor on Australia-China relations

Politics podcast with Michelle Grattan, 17 June 2020 After its calls for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus, Australia has found itself targeted by China with trade retaliation as well as sharp rhetoric. In this podcast, we talk with two prominent China experts about the superpower’s wider ambitions and tactics and the bilateral […]