The real reason you won’t be reading my new book on China anytime soon

Published in The Age, 28 November 2017 Earlier this month, publisher Allen & Unwin pulled the plug on my book, Silent Invasion: How China is turning Australia into a Puppet State. The book was about to go to the typesetter. It would have been my ninth release with the company. The publisher dropped the book […]

Australian universities are helping China’s military surpass the United States

Clive Hamilton and Alex Joske Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 27 October 2017 In Beijing, President Xi Jinping is systematically reforming and strengthening the military – part of the Strong Army Dream that is intimately tied to his signature slogan “the China Dream”. But it now seems that this Strong Army Dream is being […]

Australian taxes may help finance Chinese military capability

Clive Hamilton and Alex Joske Published in The Australian, 10 June 2017 For several years the Chinese party-state has been pursuing a co-­ordinated program to acquire from abroad advanced military and ­industrial technology, and to do so by fair means or foul. It now emerges that Australian universities inadvertently are helping to give China the […]

Will China Save the World, Or Destroy It?

China’s greenhouse gas emissions now surpass the combined total of the United Sates and the European Union. When measured on a per person basis, the average Chinese is responsible for more damage to the climate than the average European. The gaps will become wider. Unless China soon stops and reverses the rampant growth of its […]

Why geoengineering has immediate appeal to China

Published by The Guardian, 22 March 2013 Beijing wants to cut emissions without hindering growth and avert a revolt from a population under extreme climate stress The political dilemma over geoengineering – deliberate, large-scale intervention in the climate system designed to counter global warming or offset some of its effects – will perhaps be most […]